Alloderm Tissue Grafts

Alloderm Tissue Grafts

AlloDerm is an acellular dermal matrix derived from donated human skin tissue. It has been recently introduced for use in dentistry, having previously been used in medicine for difficult hernia and abdominal procedures, breast reconstruction and the treatment and repair of burns.

It allows gum grafting procedures to occur without the need to take the gum tissue from the palate.

Developed by the US bio-chemical group LifeCell Corporation, Alloderm is tissue which has been processed to remove all cells and which repairs a patient’s damaged gums by providing a foundation for new tissue regeneration.

Soon after placement around the damaged gums, blood starts to flow into the AlloDerm from the patient’s natural tissue and over time, the AlloDerm enables the patient to re-grow healthy gums and reverse the medical and cosmetic negatives.

There are no side-effects to the procedure apart from some initial swelling and possibly some mild bruising for a day or two after the AlloDerm graft.

Although this is the first time that AlloDerm has been used for the treatment of damaged gums, different regeneration matrices of the product have been widely used for a long while in plastic and reconstructive surgery.


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